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Jeffrey Epstein was a very bad boy. Or is he still?

With a cavalier boys-will-be-boys attitude, the billionaire money manager and political A-lister expected to get off scot-free after molesting or raping dozens of underage girls. And for the most part, he did.

In typical narcissistic fashion, he downplayed his elaborate, international sex-trafficking scheme, not long after serving a joke of a jail sentence, when he said, “I am not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender’ . . . It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel." Much ado about nothing.

He told his favorite teenage sex object that he could “get away” with things because “he knew many people in high places.” He claimed to have billions of dollars at his disposal as an investor and self-proclaimed “collector” of rich men. In fact, he gave away millions in donations and funded scientific and other endeavors—mostly to Harvard. All the while, he was sexually assaulting up to three new underage girls a day.

But his world came crashing down on July 6, 2019, when he was arrested in New York after more than a decade of freedom that resulted from an unlawful “sweetheart” plea deal orchestrated by defense attorneys Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz, Jay Lefkowitz, and former US Attorney Alexander Acosta. Despite Epstein’s untimely and suspicious reported death in a New York prison on August 10, 2019, it’s still not over.

Many scoffed at the notion that Epstein committed suicide in prison, regardless of the fairly consistent news stories that told us so. Americans have become savvy to the reality of fake news, which has been highlighted in the #MeToo era, particularly since Ronan Farrow and other reporters have revealed the gross media manipulation at the highest levels that has taken place to protect rich sexual predators.

Some even question whether Epstein is really dead. Could he possibly have escaped the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York with the help of his politically connected billionaire friends—considering the sexual dirt he had on them? Is it possible that he is still living, perhaps on a yacht off the coast of some unknown island in the Lesser Antilles? I address the evidence surrounding his reported suicide death near the end of this book.

But first, let’s examine the enormous legal battles that put Epstein in the spotlight.

Beating a multimillionaire with billionaire buddies in court is hens’ teeth rare. Our judicial system is mired in corruption, which makes it amenable to manipulation through political favors and payoffs. But with enough tenacity, a few good men might bring some justice to Epstein’s twisted pedophilic world.

It would be an enormous uphill battle against the establishment. Jeffrey Epstein’s friends were the establishment. It would be an exhausting and potentially dangerous crapshoot to take on Epstein and his entourage, which included some of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world. Few attorneys would be willing to go up against Epstein and his friends and allies, such as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and other powerful world leaders.

Attorney Jack Scarola was up for the task. Scarola, who is the polar opposite of Jeffrey Epstein, has done great things for the West Palm Beach community—while Epstein trolled the area’s shopping malls for pretty young things to entice and bring to his Palm Beach mansion, so he could molest them.

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The Godfathers of Sex Abuse books detail the lives and ways of the most notorious #MeToo era sexual predators, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby. Author and law professor Deana Pollard Sacks offers the most comprehensive look ever at these predators with an emphasis on their enablers and their master manipulation of the legal system and the press. After perusing court files, deposition transcripts, and hundreds of news reports, Professor Sacks synthesizes the material into an easy-to-read book that paints a full picture of the life and crimes of these twisted sexual perverts.

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