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Epstein’s arrest must have caused anxiety for many powerful people. He surely wanted out of that horrible prison, and he had lots of ammunition against high-profile politicians and others—all those photos and videotapes that he labeled and preserved so carefully for a rainy day. The rainy day had come. As Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald said, “There are probably quite a few important people…
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Jeffrey Epstein told several of his teenage sex objects that he had dirt on very powerful men—an “insurance policy” in case the need ever arose to cash in for his protection. The girls who had sex with various US politicians and foreign heads of state had to report back to Epstein details about the men, from exactly what their sexual preferences were, to what recreational drugs they enjoyed…
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For months, federal prosecutors Alexander Acosta and Marie Villafana of the US Attorney’s Office in Miami lied to attorney Brad Edwards to keep his clients in the dark about the status of the federal investigation into Epstein’s sex crimes. It was hardly an investigation, but more like a series of plays called by a three-headed quarterback: Alan Dershowitz, Jay Lefkowitz, and Ken Starr (with other…
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In March of 2005, a woman contacted the Palm Beach Police Department and reported that her fourteen-year-old stepdaughter had been lured to Epstein’s mansion by an older girl to give him a “massage” for $200. The going rate at that time for a professional in-home massage was $100. The older girl was paid $200 to bring the younger girl to Epstein. One scout brought a very pretty twenty-three-year…
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While Epstein was flying around with powerful men and climbing the social ladder in the early 2000s, he was also developing an intense sexual addiction to underage girls. He hid behind his phony image and abused girls on a daily basis, often two to three times per day. One of the Florida detectives would later peg Epstein as a “smart person” who’d developed an addiction for prepubescent girls…
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The most likely explanation for Epstein’s incredible wealth is the extremely tight relationship he shared with Les Wexner, whose company owns Victoria’s Secret, Pink, and Bath & Body works, among others. Wexner, who is reportedly worth between $4.5 billion and $6.7 billion, became fast friends with Epstein and made him his “personal money manager” around 1987. The Epstein-Wexner relationship was…
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